Criminal Justice Coordinating Council of the Pikes Peak Region (CJCC) meeting is currently on hold until further notice.

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council of the Pikes Peak Region (CJCC) reviews criminal justice matters in the Pikes Peak region and makes recommendations to the El Paso County Board of Commissioners and criminal justice agencies concerning criminal justice system issues.

A. Provide a forum for inter-agency coordination on criminal justice matters.

B. Research, analyze, evaluate, and develop innovative planning recommendations regarding criminal justice matters.

C. Oversee the collection of criminal justice data for use by the Council, agencies, and departments.

D. Analyze past and current El Paso County Criminal Justice Center (CJC) populations and develop recommendations to address capacity issues at the CJC.

E. Identify gaps and deficiencies in the criminal justice system and make recommendations to address service gaps.

F. Make recommendations that will help control the costs of managing offenders.

G. Evaluate and recommend crime prevention and early intervention programs that will help reduce recidivism.

H. Increase community understanding and support for the criminal justice system.

I. Seek grants that will support the enhancement of the criminal justice system.

J. Support a holistic community approach to criminal justice by involving law enforcement, judicial services, behavior health, housing, employment, and other social services to address criminal justice needs.

K. Make recommendations on proposed legislation that will impact the criminal justice system in our region.

Council members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners for a three year term and are eligible for reappointment. No citizen member will serve more than two successive full terms on the CJCC.

Meetings of the Council will be held quarterly (four times per year). The place, time, and agenda will be set by the Chairperson. A quorum will be at least twelve voting members at a respective meeting. Members may participate by telephone at meetings.

CJCC Partner Data Sources:

*DISCLAIMER: Data and metrics are provided to the CJCC by the agencies who manage and analyze their own data and reporting. The CJCC is not responsible for the data reported by third parties. The links above redirect away from the CJCC website to the partner agency responsible for the resource. Note that changes in data overtime can occur for several reasons, including but not limited to, changes in legislation, law, policy, measurement, definitions, and agency staffing and protocol. Inferences and interpretations about these data should be made with caution as some data and time periods may not be comparable due to differences or changes in data management, analysis, and reporting. Data are not generalizable to places, populations, or time periods outside of the represented samples.

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